Webinar Recap: What’s Next? Agile Trends in 2019

By: Agile Velocity | Jan 04, 2019 |  Agile Transformation,  Leadership,  Video,  Webinar

2018 was a remarkable year for the Agile community. Agile is now expanding into new departments and industries. Companies are continuing to tackle the challenge of scaling Agile throughout their organization. More and more leaders are getting involved in their organizational transformations every day.

What does this all mean for companies and their use of Agile in 2019?

In our latest webinar, Founder & CEO, David Hawks, and SVP of Client Success, Erik Cottrell, presented the Agile trends they’ve observed in 2018 and during Agile Velocity’s 8 years of business.

You’ll leave with…
– An overview of Agile trends occurring in companies across industries
– Agile transformation mistakes to look out for in 2019
– Quick tips for scaling Agile & implementing frameworks, like SAFe or Scrum at Scale
– Our predictions for the future of Agile

Watch Agile Trends in 2019 Webinar

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