What can we learn from the failure of Duke Nukem?

By: David Hawks | Jan 13, 2010 |  Agile,  Article

Duke NukemI just read an article about how the Duke Nukem project went on for 12 years and never released.

A comment from the article, “he did not appear to have an endgame — an overall plan for what the finished product would look like, and thus a way to recognize when it was nearing completion”

This is a common problem I see with Agile. Not having a release goal and plan. The risk of just working off of a backlog in priority order from iteration to iteration is, “when are you finished?” Some Agile advocates would say, “whenever you want to be,” however if you have a Product Owner, like Broussard in this article, who keeps wanting more and more then you may never release. Setting a goal and having a plan will help you be more disciplined and stick to it.

Full article:
Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem | Magazine:

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