“Why Transformations Get Stuck” Presented at Global Scrum Gathering Austin 2019

By: David Hawks | May 28, 2019 |  Agile Transformation,  Article,  Leadership,  Slides

In this world of exponentially increasing market disruption, it is more imperative than ever for organizations to not only achieve operational agility (efficiency, speed, etc.), but also organizational agility (speed to respond to market change).

In this session at Global Scrum Gathering 2019, David Hawks showed attendees how leaders can guide their organization’s past top Agile transformation impediments and accelerate the momentum towards true organizational agility using a proven transformation framework, the Path to Agility®

Key Takeaways From “Why Transformations Get Stuck”:

  • The impacts of four top key impediments slowing or preventing significant gains.
  • An understanding of how an organization develops new abilities by implementing Agile practices and how those abilities result in better agility and impact an organization.
  • The ability to assess their current state of agility and where to focus near term

For more on our approach to building lasting business agility, you can check out our Transformation Services page.

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