Our Thanks To Attendees of Global Day of Coderetreat 2014!!!

By: Agile Velocity | Nov 25, 2014 |  Article

Global Coderetreat 2014!Agile Velocity had a great time hosting and facilitating a location in Austin during Global Day of Coderetreat 2014! This was our first time hosting and facilitating this event and we enjoyed the group that came out for some community, learning, and deliberate practice!We had a small group (largely due to our late entry into hosting this year) but everyone was engaged and interactive.

Participants also enjoyed BBQ and interactive video chats with other participating groups around the world during breaks. We interacted with groups from Finland, Mexico, and other US locations highlighting the worldwide participation of developers.

Participants spent time pair programming, writing good tests, and focusing on simple design while implementing the game of life. We changed the way we approach solving problems by applying constraints such as limiting the lines of code per method, eliminating branching structures, and limiting ourselves to use of immutable objects. Each of these activities focused us on practicing doing things well and finding new ways to solve problems so that we are more effective in our daily team environments and under the pressure of delivery.

If you have never attended a Codetreat we recommend reading up and try one the next time you have an opportunity. We certainly hope to host one again!

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