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Recalibrate with a Custom Agile Assessment

Business agility is not a "set-it-and-forget-it" recipe. In an increasingly competitive landscape, enterprises need to continuously calibrate their Agile processes. A regular custom Agile assessment identifies weak spots, establishes new goalposts, and builds a robust roadmap for ongoing Agile success.

Is It Time for an Agile Assessment?

Enterprises understand the need for business agility, but might struggle to implement it for a number of reasons. If your company answers yes to any of the questions below, it’s time for an Agile assessment.

  • We have been on our Agile journey for a while now but are not seeing business agility

  • We have been on the Agile road for a while now but don’t understand how to measure business outcomes

  • We have new corporate leadership

  • We have onboarded new teams and employees

  • We know something is not working but can’t say what

  • We are not responsive enough to market variations

An Agile Assessment Gets You Back on the Road to Business Agility

We use our proprietary Path to Agility® framework to deliver an Agile assessment that:

  • Is Customer-Centric

    Our Agile assessment works backward, keeping your business outcomes front and center.

  • Establishes a Baseline

    If your company has strayed off the path to business agility, a new baseline charts the way forward.

  • Creates a Roadmap

    An Agile assessment charts a way forward that will help companies work systematically toward desired business outcomes.

  • Measures Progress

    Objective and measurable goals as dictated by the Path to Agility framework helps companies compare where they are against where they need to be.

  • Celebrates Wins

    The road to business agility is built one brick at a time. An Agile assessment encourages morale-boosters and allows teams, systems and enterprises to celebrate wins along the way.

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6 Benefits of an Agile Assessment

No matter where you are on the path to agility, an Agile assessment can help. Here’s how:

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