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Path to Agile Leadership Essentials Workshop (CAL-E)

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, Agile leadership is key to your organization’s ability to survive–and thrive. Traditional, old-school leadership skills that may have led to results in the past will most likely not work in the future. Studies have shown that command-and-control, top-down driven leadership leads to lower morale, less effective teams, higher turnover, and lower innovation. 

As agility takes root in teams and the organization, it is essential for managers and leaders to gain the leadership skills needed to support team agility, networks of teams, and the entire organization. The learning outcomes of our Agile leadership workshop provides the foundation and context for becoming an effective leader.

It runs over the course of two days, November 12th 8:30 – 12:00 PM CT and November 13th  8:30 – 12:00 PM CT. By completing this virtual leadership workshop, participants will be recognized with a Certified Agile Leadership® – Essentials (CAL-E) certification from the Scrum Alliance. It is worth 8 SEU’s (Scrum Education Units) and/or PDU’s.

What Makes Path to Agile Leadership Essentials Different From Other Executive Training?

Path to Agile Leadership Essentials is not your typical virtual lecture-based training session. It is collaborative and filled with real-time exercises focused on helping leaders build the foundational skills needed to be an effective leader in turbulent times.

Path to Agile Leadership Essentials Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Gaining insights into challenges of leading in an increasingly VUCA environment 
  • Understanding the role of a leader in building an environment that supports agility and what shifts are needed to be successful
  • Learning Agile principles and how they manifest in the practices and behaviors of leaders
  • Discovering how increased self-awareness is the key to better leadership
  • Learning how to be flexible and adaptive to different situations, while being aware of the underlying cultural context.
  • Understanding how social awareness can improve effectiveness when leading others
  • Practicing approaches that can be used to provide feedback, resolve conflicts, and work through difficult challenges 
  • Gaining different tactics to engage with teams without over-influencing and micromanaging

Agile Velocity’s Leadership Workshop Testimonials

“Ways to improve as a leader and empower teams. Yes, my objectives were met overall.” Nick Parker, CTO, EverlyWell

“I was looking for how management actions impact agility and this absolutely met my needs.” Daniel Wilhite, Agile Team Coach, SpiceWorks

“I feel CAL was a great introduction and lays the foundation on what tools one can take away, implement, and adapt. I would highly recommend this class to the executive leadership.” Cristina Albarran, IT Program Manager

How to Receive Your Certified Agile Leadership® Essentials (CAL-E) Certification From Scrum Alliance

  1. CAL E badge Register for Path to Agile Leadership Essentials: CAL – E
  2. Participate, dive deep into the material and conversations
  3. The instructor will submit your name to Scrum Alliance
  4. Receive your credential

The class is worth 8 SEU’s (Scrum Education Units) and/or PDU’s.

How Our Virtual Workshops Work 

At Agile Velocity, we use a few different platforms for our virtual training workshops.

For audio/video connections, we utilize Zoom. Your pre-event email will provide you with the Zoom meeting ID. 

For collaboration, we use Miro. If you’d like to a quick overview of this tool: Miro “101” – Getting Started

Path to Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) Corporate Training

Agile leadership is key to the success of transforming to working with agility and focusing on value delivery. Organizations contemplating or in the middle of an Agile transformation can benefit from executive training. 

We also offer this class in a private setting. A private class allows for a more tailored discussion around your leadership teams’ challenges. Corporate training classes consist of 10+ individuals. For more information, contact

About the Instructors

Agile Coach and Trainer Steve MartinSteve Martin

Steve Martin has over 25 years’ experience, with the last decade focused specifically on helping organizations make the transition to Scrum and Agile ways of working. Steve has worked in a wide range of industries including Healthcare IT, Finance, Insurance, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Publishing, and Communications. Steven is an avid distance cyclist and can often be found at your local bakery. He is known for his highly interactive, thought-provoking workshops and conference presentations.

Expertise: Leadership, Software/Technology Solutions,

Certifications: CST, CAL-Educator, PMI-ACP, PMP 


Agile Coach and Trainer Richard DolmanRichard Dolman

Richard Dolman is a pragmatic Enterprise Agility Coach and Trainer who has been practicing Agile and Lean since 2001. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) he works at all levels of an organization to help them learn and improve. He is passionate about helping companies and teams to solve critical business and technology challenges, as well as empowering and enabling collaborative, high-performing teams. His goal is to help people and organizations unlock their hidden potential.

Expertise: Leadership, IT/Software, Business Operations, Multi-Industry

Years of Experience: 30+  

Certifications: CEC, CAL-Educator, SPC5, ICP-ACC, Path to Agility Facilitator

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