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Path to Agile Leadership Workshop with CAL-E, CAL-O, and ALJ certifications

About this event

Today’s leaders are confronted with a mix of dynamically shifting challenges and opportunities, often requiring new ways of thinking and working. It is essential for managers and leaders to gain the leadership skills needed to support organizational agility and effectiveness.

Our Path to Agile Leadership Workshop is an interactive leadership-focused learning experience to build skills and competencies to effectively guide and develop leaders to foster healthy organizations and improve business outcomes. We explore the intertwined relationships between organizational culture, strategy, structure/design, governance, and metrics, and how these concepts impact an organization.

Workshop Logistics

  • 2-day virtual workshop
  • 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM MST
  • 30-minute lunch break with breaks throughout the days

What makes this Path to Agile Leadership Workshop different from other leadership training?

Our Path to Agile Leadership Workshop is not your typical virtual lecture-based training session. This is a collaborative and interactive workshop, filled with real-world exercises focused on helping leaders build the foundational skills needed to be a more effective leader in turbulent times.

This workshop content and facilitation has been refined over many years, leveraging the collective expertise and experience of world-class coaches, in collaboration with the Agile Leadership Journey, to provide a world-class learning experience for leaders.

Path to Agile Leadership Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • Gaining insights into challenges of leading in the face of increasing uncertainty and complexity
  • Understanding the role of a leader in building an environment that supports agility and what shifts are needed to be successful
  • Discovering how increased self-awareness is the key to better leadership
  • Learning how to be flexible and adaptive to different situations, while being aware of the underlying cultural context
  • Exploring how an organization’s culture impacts agility and the role a leader plays in identifying and influencing a sustainable organizational culture
  • Exploring impacts of continuous change and the influence of organizational culture on the speed, risk tolerance, and receptiveness to change
  • Investigating through a case study how strategy, structure, and culture can impact the outcome of an Agile transformation
  • Understanding the Leadership Agility® developmental model and the correlation between leader effectiveness and the catalyst leadership capability
  • Applying the concepts regarding culture, organizational structure, and change management to your organization

Who benefits from attending this Path to Agile Leadership Workshop?

Regardless of role or title, we believe that everyone can learn and demonstrate leadership.

This public workshop is intended for:

  • Emerging leaders
  • Seasoned leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Leadership teams
  • Technology leaders
  • Business leaders
  • Learning and Development leaders
  • Human Resource / People strategy leaders
  • Change Agents
  • Anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and capabilities

What do class attendants receive?

Upon completion of this workshop, attendees will be eligible to earn the following four certifications:

  • Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E)
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Organizations (CAL-O)
  • Agile Leadership Journey: Agility in Leadership Certified
  • Agile Leadership Journey: Agility in Organizations Certified

CAL-E, CAL-O, Agile Leadership badges

Please email for answers to questions about the Certified Agile Leadership and Agile Leadership Journey programs.

Meet the trainers

Randy Hale

Randy Hale is an empathetic change leader who enables others to see their challenges more clearly and their possibilities with great enthusiasm. He has over 30 years of experience and has demonstrated deep knowledge and application of enterprise Lean-Agile transformation, business and product strategy, product management leadership, and organizational and strategic portfolio transformation. Randy helps companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 to drive strategic organizational, cultural, and process change in support of improved employee engagement, faster product time-to-market, increased customer satisfaction, and accelerated revenue recognition. His certifications include: Agile Leadership Journey Guide, Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach, SPC6, ICP-ACC, Path to Agility Facilitator


Richard Dolman is a pragmatic Enterprise Agility Coach and Trainer who has been practicing Agile and Lean since 2001. As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) he works at all levels of an organization to help them learn and improve. He is passionate about helping companies and teams to solve critical business and technology challenges, as well as empowering and enabling collaborative, high-performing teams. His goal is to help people and organizations unlock their hidden potential. His certifications include: Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Educator®, Certified Enterprise Coach® (CEC), Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) Guide, Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), Path to Agility Facilitator