Organizations undergo an Agile transformation for multiple reasons: to increase predictability and speed of delivering value to customers, to adapt to and leverage ongoing market changes, to create a culture of innovation, focus, and engagement…The list goes on.

But, Agile transformations can be tough when you don’t understand the full value, scope, or purpose of the change.

What is an Agile transformation?

An Agile transformation

  • Is an organizational change meant to create lasting agility.
  • Involves the entire organization from leaders to managers to teams.
  • Is both a shift in culture and processes.
  • Needs more than Agile training.

An Agile transformation isn’t…

  • Just for teams.
  • Isolated to IT.
  • Simply learning a new process.
  • Only training.

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Agile Velocity’s Approach to Agile Transformations & Change Management

During the course of a transformation, Agile Velocity works with leaders and teams at all levels of the organization to guide the building of a fully optimized system.

To help organizations manage the changes implemented during an Agile transformation, we:

  • Utilize our proven change management framework the Path to Agility®, designed to guide organizations through the various stages of an Agile transformation
  • Take a pragmatic approach to agility by creating tailored transformation roadmaps for each client
  • Ask and answer hard questions in order to fully understand each organization’s unique situation
  • Thoroughly vet each of our Agile coaches so you only get the best of the best

Our Services

Team Coaching

Our Agile coaches work with your teams to help them successfully take on new roles, establish Agile team practices, and achieve a sustainable, predictable cadence of delivering value.

Systems Coaching and Optimization

Our Agile coaches work with your organization to help create a fully optimized system for delivering value to customers. We then determine which, if any, Agile scaling framework is best for the organization and provide support and guidance as the organization undergoes the adoption.

Organizational Coaching

Agile coaches help leadership develop a modern leadership mindset, increase visibility throughout the organization, and create alignment around vision, goals, and measurements of success for the organizational change.

Agile Training

During our training sessions, your teams will learn about the fundamental principles they need to understand and embrace Agile practices. In our leadership training, leaders gain the tools to manage change and lead with a modern, Agile approach.

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We understand the need to look before you leap. Learn more about transformations and the Path to Agility® in a free, 2-hour consultation, designed to help leaders identify blind spots and navigate sharp turns during organizational change.

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From Our Past Clients

“I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor. Their team of experts has been a huge benefit in accelerating my team operationally in an Agile environment.”

Wayne Fueling Systems

“Before working with Agile Velocity we never finished a sprint. We now are completing sprints consistently and pulling in additional work.”


“Beyond actual classroom training, the on-site coaching and office hours proved to be critical to our transformation as a coach was there to observe, provide feedback, answer questions and really get us started by moving us to practice quickly. To my knowledge, Agile Velocity is the best in the business”