Organizations undergo an Agile transformation when they determine their current processes are not able to deliver the business results they need. Business results such as…

Increased Speed

Better Quality

Increased Innovation

Continuous Improvement

Increased Productivity

More Predictability

Improved Employee Engagement

Better Market Responsiveness

Higher Customer Satisfaction

What is An Agile Transformation?

An Agile transformation…

An Agile transformation isn’t…

Is an organizational change meant to create lasting agility.
Just for teams.
Involves the entire organization from leaders to managers to teams.
Isolated to the IT department.
Is both a shift in culture and processes.
Simply learning a new process.
Requires more than Agile training
Only training classes.

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Our Approach to Agile Transformations & Change Management

During the course of a transformation, Agile Velocity works with leaders and teams at all levels of the organization to guide the building of a fully optimized system.

To help organizations manage the changes implemented during an Agile transformation, we:

  • Utilize our proven change management framework the Path to Agility®, designed to guide organizations through the various stages of an Agile transformation
  • Take a pragmatic approach to agility by creating tailored transformation roadmaps for each client
  • Ask and answer hard questions in order to fully understand each organization’s unique situation
  • Thoroughly vet each of our Agile coaches so you only get the best of the best

Our Services

Agile Assessment

Agile assessments are designed to help you understand the current state of your organization and teams and show you where to devote time and energy as your organization embarks on a journey toward organizational change. Our evaluations consist of three key phases: data gathering, analysis, summary report and presentation of findings and recommendations. 

Agile Transformation & Coaching

Our full-service Agile transformation includes embedded team coaching, systems coaching and optimization, and leadership coaching. Using our Path to Agility® transformation framework, we work with organizations to accelerate through the nasty parts of organizational change and create a focus on building the capabilities necessary to deliver desired business outcomes.

Agility Tune-Up

Our business agility tune-up service is customized to target the most pressing challenges or sticking points that are keeping your team from achieving desired outcomes. One of our seasoned Agile coaches will work with you to design an agility tune-up plan specific for your team which consists of four days of onsite coaching, training, and problem solving with your team.  

SAFe® Transformation

The Scaled Agile Framework is one of the most popular Agile scaling frameworks. We help enterprises across many industries create and execute an Agile scaling strategy while maintaining focus on delivering business outcomes. From SAFe training classes to your first Agile Release Train, we are here to help guide you through a successful SAFe implementation. 

From Our Past Clients

“I don’t think we could have done the transformation without Agile Velocity's coaching and training. Change is hard. [In a transformation,]... people are really excited about the change at first, and then the realities of change start to set in and then people want to gravitate back to the old ways of doing things.”

Jeanette WardCOO, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

“I needed help transforming. I did not have the time to embed myself with each team as they learned what being Agile was and the benefits. I used Agile Velocity to help me do this, which accelerated the effort... They were able to observe and offer guidance in real-time as my teams began to practice. I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor.”

Vince EppersonVP of Engineering, Wayne Fueling Systems

“So thankful that we did coaching. Had we not done that, we would have immediately reverted.”

Nicole TanzilloCOO & Co-Founder

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