Accelerate Agility with an Agile Coach

Coaching is the act of helping people achieve their desired outcomes by sharing expertise. In sports, coaches run the practices, model exercises, and have a playbook of winning plays. They get into their players’ heads and give that extra push towards peak performance.

True business agility isn’t easy. Many organizations attempt implementation on their own and either don’t finish because leadership abandons the initiative or just give up because change is too hard. Those that continue often modify processes without understanding the intent, implementing bad habits which prevent them from realizing the full benefits of Agile. Enter Agile coaching.

Our Agile Coaches use their experience applying Agile to help teams and organizations improve processes, culture, and practices.


The Agile Assessment ensures organizations have clear and measurable objectives to which everyone is committed to achieving, setting the transformation up for success.

Team Coaching

Achieving predictability is at the heart of Agile team coaching. We help teams replace old behaviors and processes with a new mindset and skills that create agility.

Organizational Coaching

Being Agile requires cultural shifts and leadership realignment. The coach focuses on the health of the entire business and on driving every facet of the company towards true agility.

Why Do You Need An Agile Coach?

…Because you’re tired of running the same process and getting the same poor results.

…Because you want predictability and the agility to meet changing market demands.

…Because it’s time to catch up and surpass the competition.

We focus on helping teams replace old behaviors and processes with a new mindset and skills that will create agility and a culture of high performance. Over a span of several months, coaches help teams self-organize around cross-functional work to achieve a predictable cadence of value delivery and begin a journey of measured, continuous improvement.

Agile Coaching Case Studies

image of health insurance forms made online
Case Study
August 3, 2017

Insurance Provider Meets Deadline

A leading health insurance provider was faced with the challenge of offering online benefits enrollment…
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Case Study
August 3, 2017

Smoother Agile Transformation For Point-of-Sale Provider

A supplier of point of sale systems for the retail and commercial fueling industry faced…
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Agile Coaching Webinars

Next Level Agile: How do we move beyond practices like user stories, project plans, stakeholder feedback, continuous integration, and velocity, and towards a new Next Level Agile Manifesto with an emphasis on Discovery over Execution.
January 15, 2018

Upcoming Webinar: Moving Beyond with Next Level Agile

Today, most Agile teams are trying to achieve predictable, fast delivery. While that’s good, it’s…
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Image of evolution: User stories are a staple in Agile but it can still be a tough practice to master, particularly for newer teams.
November 2, 2017

Webinar Recap: The Evolution of a User Story

User stories are a staple in Agile but it can still be a tough practice…
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Do You Know Your Next Move on the Path to Agility?

We created the Path to Agility after decades of training and coaching organizations struggling to switch to a more Agile way of working and accelerate their agility. We have used this framework to guide many different teams and organizations, from growing product companies to household enterprises.