To Run Like A Dream, Your Organization Needs Regular Agility Tune-ups

You can see and feel the difference when teams are running on max horsepower or when they’re in need of a jumpstart. Much like a car, Agile teams and organizational agility need regular tune-ups to maintain optimal performance.

Our agility tune-up service is customized to target the most pressing challenges or sticking points that are keeping your team from achieving desired outcomes. One of our seasoned Agile coaches will work with you to design an Agile Tune-up plan specific for your team which consists of four days of onsite coaching, training, and problem solving with your team.  

Common  Agile Transformation and Organizational Agility Challenges

  • Work is not delivering business value and/or not connecting to strategy
  • Inconsistent delivery of a working product increment every sprint 
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Bug backlogs
  • Long product feedback cycles
  • Analysis paralysis 
  • New role mastery
  • Sprint carry-over or blow-up 
  • Unprioritized product backlog that’s not connecting to business goals 
  • Teams avoiding constructive conflict or initiating difficult conversations
  • Frozen middle managers

If you don’t see your challenge listed above, give us a call. Our coaches are available to listen and provide insight into what’s plaguing your teams and organization.

Ready to talk more about Agile tune-ups?

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Agility Tune-up Service Details

Day 1

Through interviews, observations and team interactions one of our experienced Agile Coaches will get a clear assessment of  your team’s current state and identify trouble spots for improvement.  

Day 2-3

Targeted coaching as needed.  

Day 4

Delivery and read out of assessment, activities and results and road map for further improvement. 

Approximate Cost

 The cost varies based on the complexity of your organization, number of teams involved and the      areas of concern to be addressed. Tune-ups are conducted on site and range from $25,000 to $35,000.

Schedule an agility tune-up and remove roadblocks that can stymie team progress and agility. Complete the form and schedule time with our Agility Success Representative to get started. Can’t wait to talk? Call us at 512-298-2835 x2600. 


I don’t think we could have done the transformation without Agile Velocity's coaching and training. Change is hard. What I’ve witnessed the coaches helping with is people are really excited about the change at first, and then the realities of change start to set in and then people want to gravitate back to the old ways of doing things. Where I’ve seen the coaches be really valuable is identifying that and putting back on the right track. To me, that has been extremely valuable.

Also, Agile Velocity has been extremely helpful in providing insight, advice, and guidance in what is required from leadership in this new environment.

Jeanette WardChief Operations Officer

My current organization said they were Agile when I joined 18 months ago. They were not. As the VP of engineering, I needed help transforming. I did not have the time to embed myself with each team as they learned what being Agile was and the benefits. I used Agile Velocity to help me do this, which accelerated the effort.
They provided some great training initially, then embedded within a few of my teams to observe and coach. This worked very well. They were able to observe and offer guidance in real-time as my teams began to practice. I felt like Agile Velocity acted more like a partner than a vendor. Their team of experts has been a huge benefit in accelerating my teams operationally in an Agile environment.

Vince EppersonVice President of Engineering

So thankful that we did coaching. Had we not done that, we would have immediately reverted.

Nicole TanzilloCo-founder and Chief Operating Officer

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