Texas Mutual Chooses Self-Disruption Over Complacency To Stay Ahead

“We had happy customers and good software with traditional development. It helped us have a competitive edge in the insurance market, but we can only take it so far. We had squeezed all the improvements and productivity increases that we could get out of what we used to do.”

Learn why a current market leader chose to go through the pain of transformation despite the many risks involved.

How To Get Your Leaders On Board With Agile

Convincing leadership that Agile is the right investment for your company can be daunting. It’s easy to get lost between calculating the ROI of Agile and proposing an Agile transformation plan. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Download our 7-step guide to justifying your Agile investment.

Implementing Agile: Make Sense of Your Agile Rollout Options

Don’t leave the success of your organization up to luck. Download this infographic and confidently choose an Agile implementation strategy that’s right for you and your organization.

8 Common Agile Transformation Pitfalls

Identify common pitfalls before they delay and even derail your Agile transformation.

Resolutions For Agile Leaders

Discover three resolutions essential to achieving Agile leadership and promoting business agility. 

SAFe® Implementation Myths Debunked For A Successful Scaled Agile Transformation

Don’t base decisions on half-truths and half-baked theories. Understand SAFe® from the ground up and inside out with our white paper.

Agile for Executives

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Build High Performing Teams Through Trust and Alignment

Trust and alignment are critical to building happy, high performing teams. Learn how you can create that trust and alignment in your own teams with these exercises.

Path to Agility®

Where is your organization on the Path to Agility® and what can you do to accelerate the journey to a higher status quo? Learn more with this worksheet and video.