Proven Agile Transformation Framework

Change is hard. Change is even harder if you are not prepared or have unrealistic expectations. It’s completely normal to go into a period of chaos and resistance when there is a shift in the status quo. Whether it’s a new football coach or a process change, it takes time for things to stabilize and improve if one stays the course.

Imagine Agile is the newly introduced change. Our coaches have seen the normal productivity dip and have helped teams persevere through the chaos and allow Agile to help them achieve and even exceed their business objectives.

The Path to Agility® Framework

 In order for organizations to get to a place where they have the agility to react to market demands and compete on a global scale, they need to go through the following stages on the Path to Agility®: Align, Learn, Predict, Accelerate, and Adapt.
The Align stage lays the groundwork for an Agile transformation by creating a shared understanding of the reason for change.
The Learn stage equips teams and leadership with new Agile techniques and an understanding of the principles behind them.
The Predict stage enables teams to execute optimization experiments
at a steady rate, allowing leaders to make informed business decisions.
The Accelerate stage shortens time-to-market by teaching an organization to look beyond the strict confines of technology and optimize the full delivery cycle.
The Adapt stage creates a mindset of whole organizational agility, enabling an organization to respond to market demands faster.

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