“HR Agility” Presented at ATX HR June 2019 Meetup

By: David Hawks | Jun 25, 2019 |  Agile Transformation,  Scrum,  Slides

In today’s business, the current rate of disruption and increasing amount of global competition require organizations to treat their employees differently. In this new workforce dynamic, it is more imperative than ever for organizations to foster empowered teams and inspired workers.

At ATX HR, David Hawks discussed how HR agility enables focus, innovation, engaged workers, adaptability, and happy customers. 

Key Takeaways from “HR Agility”:

  • An understanding of the current state of the global marketplace 
  • Why an organizational-wide mindset shift is required to support Agile teams 
  • How Agile practices and values can attract and retain top talent

Please excuse the autofocus issues in the video, we are iterating on how to avoid this problem in the future.

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