The Role of the Agile Business Analyst

By: Agile Velocity | Mar 24, 2015 |  Article,  Product Owner

What is the role of the Agile Business Analyst?  In this presentation to the Austin IIBA chapter, David Hawks, the CEO of Agile Velocity, talks about:

  • What are iterative requirements and how to do them
  • What are the roles of the product owner and how does the business analyst relate
  • How to create user stories
  • Incremental and iterative evolution of a story
  • Explanation of backlog physics

The Role of the Business Analyst in Agile


Business Analyst Roles:

BA as Product Owner

  • Share knowledge
  • Authority
  • Time

BA as ScrumMaster

  • Focus on helping the team
  • Supports the Product Owner
  • Becomes the master at Agile and Scrum

BA stays as BA

  • Supports the product owner
  • Supports the developers
  • Supports User and QA


For more information on Agile roles and org structures:

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