Tech Debt Game

By Agile Velocity | May 12, 2015 |  Agile Technical Practices,  Agile Tools,  Article,  Technical Practices

David Croley, Agile Player-Coach, presented Tech Debt – Understanding its Sources and Impacts Through a Game at the Keep Austin Agile conference.Tech Debt - Understanding its Sources and Impacts Through a Game

Definition of Technical Debt:

  • A useful metaphor similar to financial debt
  • “Interest” is incurred in the form of costlier development effort
  • Can be paid down through refactoring the implementation
  • Unlike monetary debt, it is difficult to quantify

Impact of Tech Debt

  • Long delivery times
  • Poor customer responsiveness
  • Mounting defects
  • Frustrated and poor performing teams
  • Late deliveries
  • Rising development costs

Understanding its Sources and Impacts through a Game includes:

  • Demonstrate how unresolved Technical Debt impacts a development team’s efficiency,
  • Learn sources
  • Realize possible solutions

Click here to see the slide deck.

Click here to download the game.

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