HR Agility: An Example From Silicon Labs

By: Agile Velocity | Jul 22, 2019 |  Scrum,  Video

Is HR Agile a thing? 

That’s what Samantha Wiseman (Sr. HR Business Partner) wanted to find out when she took our Scrum Master cert class this January. After spending two days learning about empirical process, Agile, and the Scrum framework, she began to see how it can be applied to her role as a Sr. HR Business Partner in a few pilot projects.

Listen to Juliet Hooten and Samantha Wiseman discuss how they use Agile in HR at Silicon Labs. Lessons learned include: 

  • Don’t get too focused on terminology 
  • Shift your mindset away from perfect
  • Get comfortable with failing fast 
  • Build in time for reflection 

This video is a good introduction for other HR professionals who are seeking to understand the benefits of agility.

Learn more about implementing Agile in HR 

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