David Gipp

Agile Transformation Coach

"Ask this question of yourself. What one thing am I dead wrong about today?"

Hal Gregersen

As a coach, I will bring…

  • A business strategy and fiscal responsibility lens to your transformation
  • Large scale facilitation for the biggest and most impactful planning sessions
  • An appropriate sense of fun and positive energy to any situation


Dave has been leading technology efforts for over 20 years and has expertise in delivering a wide range of date-critical programs, ranging from feature film production timelines and global ERP/CRM replacements to mobile app releases mentioned in Apple keynotes. Using a variety of scaling concepts and change management practices, Dave strives to leave organizations better equipped with the business agility required to rapidly respond to changing conditions and real-world constraints.
As a former production animator, Dave has a knack for keeping engagements interesting and is a well-practiced and certified Agile facilitator.

When not out exploring the Portland rainforest with his wife and kids, Dave enjoys carving the back roads of Oregon with a growing collection of electric motorcycles.