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Joshua Meriyah
Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer Joshua Meriyah is a senior developer and engineering manager with a passion for education and creating software that can improve people’s lives. Joshua joined Agile Velocity with experience in both creating his own cloud-based educational software and leading high-performing corporate teams of developers. Joshua works from a foundational principle that writing software constitutes a unique and valuable form of service–the best code can create helpful and high-quality experiences for end users, while also supporting developers to understand the purpose and function of each part of the code.

Prior to his current career, Joshua worked as a public school teacher in Baltimore city, where he strove to inspire his students to develop the discipline, determination, and belief in themselves to live their dreams. Joshua is a certified teacher of meditation and yoga. Outside of work, he loves to spend time adventuring, being active and baking bread with his family–wife Kelsey, daughter Sage, and crazy puppy Sitali.