Richard Dolman

Agile Transformation Coach

"All progress is experimental."

John Jay Chapman

As a coach, I will bring…

  • Passion for change, wrapped in pragmatism
  • Leadership experience and coaching
  • Curiosity, empathy, honesty


Richard’s professional passion is helping organizations solve critical business and technology challenges, and empowering and enabling collaborative, high-performing teams.

Richard’s Coaching work allows him to help people and organizations unlock their hidden potential and partner with awesome people who inspire and challenge him daily. Richard has been practicing Agile and Lean for 20+ years, working with leaders and teams across many different industries and stages of growth to explore the possibilities of Agile, seek creativity, and drive innovation and continuous improvement.

Richard can wrangle change management as efficiently as he wrangles his horses. Being based in Colorado allows him to spend his non-working time in the mountains, skiing or hiking.