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Ben Rodilitz
Agile Transformation Coach

Ben Rodilitz started his agile journey teaching Patterns of Problem Solving at UCLA. After a short detour (30 years) of software development and traditional project management positions (recovering PMP/Ganthead) in aerospace, financial, and navigation companies, Ben started practicing Agile/Scrum in 2009 and has not looked back.

He has worked with small startups as well as large enterprises (AT&T, Chevron, Google) in roles from ScrumMaster/Product Owner through Enterprise Agile Coach. His last two engagements were with a one-team energy startup and a $2B+ project with Space Force.

Along with having obtained his PMP, Ben is a Scrum Alliance CSM and CSP (SM) as well as a SAFe Program Consultant. He is also a certified trainer/facilitator/practitioner of Training from the BACK of the Room, Path to Agility, and LeSS. He is active in the Southern California Agile community and has been an invited speaker at local and national agile events.