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Laura Howley
Agile Transformation Coach

Laura has over 15 years of experience in Agile transformations starting with an immersion into working with an Agile mindset at a Scrum coaching and product development start-up, to working with a wide range of organizations as they shifted organizational structures and processes to embrace rapid delivery of value with a relentless focus on customer delight. Laura has engaged in Agile transformations with customers as diverse as retail, healthcare, finance, government, telecom, and gaming, from rapidly growing start-ups to multinational corporations over 100 years old. This exposure to a wide range of organizational approaches to agility created a firm belief that the most important and effective asset in any transformational initiative are the people. People are the hearts and minds of every organization and their passion comes from a connection to purpose over implementing a process. Laura brings a people-first approach to her coaching practice, fueling the passion for delighting customers across all organizational disciplines to create collaborative, customer-focused workplaces.

Laura has an unparalleled love for her native state, Vermont but snuck away to Portland, Oregon for almost 20 years. She recently started dividing her time between Vermont and Oregon as she and her husband begin responsibilities of caring for aging family members located in both states. Laura’s kitchen just about always has a pot of stewy-something bubbling on the stove and she loves exploring international cuisines and learning culinary history. When not stirring a stew-pot, she enjoys hiking, yoga, and doing anything on the water. She prefers the waters of Lake Champlain in Vermont over the rivers in Oregon and is both in awe and slightly terrified of the ocean on either coast.