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Improve the predictability, transparency, and adaptability of your marketing. Agile Marketing provides an approach for delivering high quality, audience-focused results at a faster pace and with less waste.

Agile Marketing Is A Better Way To Plan, Execute, And Engage

Marketing today is unpredictable, complex, and convoluted. In addition to mastering current marketing channels, there are new channels and platforms being created every day, and global and economic occurrences that can wreak havoc on the marketing plan. It’s not uncommon for marketing plans to be obsolete as soon as they are created. 

In this demanding and uncertain new world, traditional work management tends to break down and marketers face these challenges:

      • Lack of predictability in when and how much work they can complete 
      • Difficulty prioritizing work
      • Communicating and gaining alignment on priorities with stakeholders (internal and external)
      • Keeping marketing plans updated and aligned to priorities
      • Executing the plan

Why Agile Marketing

In a survey of 600+ marketers for the 2020 State of Agile Marketing report, half of those surveyed state that using Agile in marketing has helped them go to market faster (53%), increase the productivity of their marketing teams (53%), and adapt quickly to change and feedback (51%).   In fact, Agile marketing teams are 74% more likely to be satisfied with how their teams are working compared with just 58% of traditional marketers and 34% of ad hoc marketers.

  • Faster Go-to-market

    Before you can dominate the marketplace, you have to get in front of your target audience. Build the capabilities that allow you to go-to-market before the competition.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Delight your customers by creating marketing deliverables that hit all the requirements and execute them at the highest standard.

  • Establish Predictable Execution

    Before teams can go fast, they must first be predictable. Agile creates the visibility, focus, and ownership needed for teams to become predictable.

  • Respond to Market Demands Faster

    In today's world, the only constant is change. Agile marketing helps to ensure teams run lean so that they are able to respond to a market that can change in an instant.

  • Higher Employee Engagement

    Research shows that professionals are motivated by autonomy, mastery, and performance. Agile principles help to build the infrastructure that allows these motivators to thrive.

  • Drive Innovation and Creativity

    Effective marketing is all about standing-out no matter how crowded your space. Agile creates the space for innovation and creativity to occur.

Agile Marketing Bootcamp

Give your team the knowledge, tools, and skills to not only meet today’s challenges, but to excel through data-based decision making, streamlined communication and coordination, and a constant drive towards shared goals. Our Agile Marketing bootcamp will help you put into practice better ways of creating value for your customers and organization through agile approaches to marketing. During this 4-day boot camp, our Agile Marketing coaches will help teams… 

      • Learn and apply Agile Marketing Principles 
      • Gain confidence in the new approach by analyzing real-world examples and case studies 
      • Implement new Agile marketing principles and practices
      • Create an initial Agile marketing organization with new roles

Bootcamp Overview

Prior to the bootcamp itself, Agile Velocity will consult with key stakeholders to help us understand your current as well as desired future states for your marketing teams. From this assessment, we can adapt the training and coaching to meet your particular situation and goals.

Training: Gain a Common Understanding of Agile Marketing Principles, Practices, and Roles 

      • Agile Marketing Values and Principles Overview
      • Empirical process (Lean, Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, etc.)
      • Roles, events, and artifacts for Agile Marketing Teams
      • Agile Marketing cross-functional teams
      • Agile Marketing case studies and examples

Adoption: Bring Training Into Marketing Day-to-Day Activities

      • Team Building: Values, mission and purpose 
      • How to measure progress with metrics that matter
      • Choosing Agile frameworks and practices that will lead to results 
      • Work with you to help leaders and team members understand their new roles 

Optional Agile Marketing Training and Coaching Modules

      • Formation of Design Teams and introduction to Design Sprints and introduction to Design Sprints
      • Intensive coaching for specific roles and/or practices
      • Leadership coaching and mentoring
      • Business Agility assessment and coaching
      • Expanded Metrics (AARRR/HEART), Analysis and Data-Driven Decision Making

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Discover the agility journey of an Agile Marketing pilot team at Southwest Airlines.

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